Ursula Vargas / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

I was born in Lima, Peru. The road along the Pacific Coast has always been a fascinating place for me, where the drone of the tyres against the asphalt becomes this hypnotic chorus that takes me back to places I went as a child and adulthood. Along with these trips, all the things of childhood like the cartoons of those times (Willie Coyote, a great painter of fake tunnels together with the never caught Road Runner), were important; somehow these trips with the realities of places we passed through, like the desert and its archeological sites, have become part of one long road trip for me in my work. I want you to take this road trip with me, where all these subjects will appear together with environmental symbols that express my awareness and concern about climate change that brings natural disasters, where human intervention contributes to it, being the reason why I use recycled cardboard boxes and other recycled materials.



Every Man For Himself



Is The End of The World and We Know It



Me Llama La Llama – The LLama Calls Me



Wile E. Coyote
Where the Braves Die



Self Portrait