Sophie Clayson / Fine Art Critical Practice BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Nagoya University of the Arts Prize (group nomination)

My practice engages with the manipulation of found resources through the medium of reusing, recycling or resourcing different materials, such as plastic, second-hand denim or food. In Plain Sight, one of my recent works engages with anxieties associated with eating, opening an enquiry into female consumption, the grotesque and gustatory abject. The work displays a woman’s mouth, biting and swallowing an apple; investigating the performative aspects of food and consumption through the visceral and grotesque.

My art also extends into an examination of cooking, its personal meanings in relationships and memories with eating, greed, anxieties, pleasure, as love, as a weapon. My digital performance stems from endurance, which continues to incorporate consumption while causing discomfort through framing and editing.




Photograph of messy cake eating
Bridle Gag


Photograph of a face mask and cake crumbs
Messy Girl




Sewn jeans collage
Apple Bottom