Sonny Cannatella / Design for Digital Media BA(Hons)

The series of collages I have created were a way of exploring the theme of Nostalgia, not just critiquing the aspect, but attempting to find balance between the positives and negatives of the topic. My inspirations were mainly Edward Hopper, Dorothea Tanning and Robert Raushchenberg.

The materials used were mainly magazines from the 1960’s, I chose not to scan these materials to create something digital. This was to experiment with the original texture of the magazines, giving the images more dimension and the characters a more realised space to exist in. These Images are part of a larger series that can be seen on my website.


Collage of window cleaning
DIY #1


Collage of couple replacing a fireplace
DIY #2


Collage of replacing a shower curtain
DIY #3


Collage of household DIY
DIY #4


Collage of fixing felt roof
DIY #5