Sharonagh Lawlor / Photography BA(Hons)


‘Journeys’ is a walking-based project which focuses on walking to three different locations during lockdown. The concept was to photograph the three journeys that I took which were repetitive in the sense that the same things kept occurring such as streets, cars and signs. These were not the only things to reoccur: colour and shapes reoccurred as well. The aim of the project was to show how life has changed since lockdown started. Most of the photos do not have people in, however, there is a trace of civilization by the little things within the photos. The three locations were local due to the lockdown restrictions. The three locations are Broomhill Park, Strood High Street, Darnley Road/Lilac Road. The locations can be looked at individual journeys or can be connected together to form one long journey, as when one journey ends the next one begins.


8 photographs of paths and pavements
‘Journeys’ #1


One photograph of stone sculpture and one of leaves
‘Journeys’ #2


8 photographs of pavements
‘Journeys’ #3


Two photographs of tree bark
‘Journeys’ #4


8 photographs of pavements
‘Journeys’ #5