Ruta Prusinskaite / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

Incentive Award: Nagoya University of the Arts Prize

I explore a search for inner silence. I intend to awaken a feeling of longing and it could be said that my works are indirect self-portraits. I converse through my personal space and gestures of the body, but the face never appears. The text is in a form of a poem and is more visibly self-reflective. Together with my imagery it creates an ongoing discussion about my concerns.

My practice is based on my personal experiences of loss, working within the genre of self-portraiture I try to establish an artistic language that feels intimate. My photographs also refer to memory, trace, and the relationship between presence and absence.

The main medium of executing work is artist’s books, for its physicality and tactility. Only through physical interaction comes the experience, which simultaneously builds an intimate relationship between the viewer/reader and the object. The object also connects the viewer/reader back to the artist.