Ella Smith / Moving Image BA(Hons)

Textures, mood, colour, place. Some of the many aspects considered in Ella’s practice, where are the shots, look at the details, textures, a small inconsistency? Her focus is video/audio installations because experiencing every layer and appreciating every detail that is deconstructed and either left to lie bare or its mood brought to the forefront through abstraction. This form of art is romanticised as everyday life becomes ever more hectic and busier for the everyday person, her artwork with its long still shots provokes the viewer into adapting a slower, more considerate and observant pace.

Based between Brighton and Bournemouth, Ella creates works within the moving image medium, primarily creating installations based on extensive location research and development within the form of artist documentary. Her practice interrogates the connections they have, exploring this through the use of objects and items from the explored place. Using the medium of projection, the camera shows a flow and movement through the space, exploring the unique qualities of the space. With an intentional emphasis on atmosphere and uncertainty, my work often deals with spaces that have been abandoned for a number of different issues.

Ella has a background in various fine art practices, including textiles, Photography, Film, Moving Image and the visual arts. Her work is greatly informed by these disciplines. With recent work ‘As The World Turns’ adapted from an installation piece to single screen. Working in this new form had meant she had to be quick to adapt to changes, to enable the work to be viewed and still be accessible while audiences are in lock-down, developing her practice through a new form of film art.