Oonagh Quinn / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

My practise focuses on portraying a more accurate representation of the female form. In a society where women are constantly criticised and compared by their appearances, I feel that it is necessary to normalise bodies that do not conform to society’s expectations of beauty. I am interested in the female gaze and how women can reclaim their bodies, and so paint my figures in confident poses, showing all of their curves and folds of ‘flab’. My paintings place the women within fairly bare environments, whilst hinting to the sort of spaces they’re in- bedrooms, kitchens, changing rooms. The environments they are in are ones where they are comfortable, thus they are unbothered by the viewer and their possible intrusion.



two sitting figures
Going for a swim (1) (2020)



two figures
Going for a swim (2) (2020)



two reclined figures
Whats for dinner (2020)



two figures standing sitting
Untitled (2020)



two figures standing
Waiting for a cuppa (2020)