Jessica Whelen / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA (Hons)

‘Wabi Sabi’ “A way of living that focuses on the beauty of imperfection and peacefully accepting the natural cycles of growth and decay”. Wabi Sabi is metaphorically shown through broken ceramics, glued back together again with hot gold, creating the opulent imperfection of something that was once perceived as damaged.

For my final major project, I wanted to create a high fashion collection from fragmented objects, that could be translated into textile prints.
Visual research that stimulated my design process came from photographs of a local scrap metal yard. The textual structures of scrap metal cubes attracted my attention, I found their perfect imperfections eye catching and interesting.

This imagery gave lots of busy, compressed silhouettes and when progressed into design I wanted to break down the images even further, transforming into simple and abstract, carrying on this theme of ‘broken’ ideology.



Printed samples



Textile samples and fashion illustration



Textile samples



Textile samples


Fashion Illustration of collection line up