Matti Pedder-Smith / 3D Design and Craft BA(Hons)


Masculinity in recent years has become a contentious topic of conversation. Motivated by the decline for the necessity of masculine attributes in today’s society, my project seeks to explore the various alternative views on this topic.

Using the internet as the crux for the various mentalities on the topic, I wanted to construct a comparative and debate a worthy collage of ideas. The internet as I view it is a platform in which we can share our innate archetypal ideas collectively. The many anonymous users can reflect the conflicting and contradictory function of the human mind.

I go in search of the roots of our ideals of masculinity in the west and see how this has affected our modern view of it, and how this can affect the male psyche and society on the whole. The work explores these concepts and reveals some possible insights into what it means to be a man today.


Armour sculpted to look like a male chest.


Repousse relief of a man on a horse


Repousse relief of a male face


Close up of the homemade repousse tools showing there different end shapes perfect for different marks and textures


Handmade tools for repousse