Georgia Sofokleous / Illustration BA(Hons)

Inspired by the dark and oppressed, my work generally revolves around the subjects of Femininity, Mental health, Psychedelia and Wiccan traditions. Through my practice I wish to raise awareness for the supressed emotion of depression – how it is misrepresented in this society and the creativity that comes hand in hand with those who feel beneath the surface. It advocates Feminine power, fighting against the sexualizaton of a woman’s body and the oppression of feminine rights. Together, these two subjects hold a powerful untold and ongoing global issue. My work favors messiness, each paint stroke representing an emotional outlet of the soul. My favorite method of creativity is painting, however fully content with my chosen subjects I chose to express these motives by working with different media, which explains the diversity between each project. There is an unidentified and experimental element to my work that is meant to portray the free spirited and spontaneity of my interests. The subjects are content, whilst the work constantly evolves, with acrylic paint forever my closest companion.


Mixed media collage
Tired and Emotional (2019)


mixed media image
The Gurn (2020)


fertility painting
Mother Goddess (2019)


mixed media image
Gentle Rebellion (2020)


mixed media image
Decay (2019)