Larna Pantrey-Mayer / Graphic Design BA(Hons)

Deciding on the title of the book did not take long, it wasn’t an arduous task. It naturally occurred. To realise something is to become aware. It was always my intention to ‘realise’ these dreams. It was not expected that I would become so attached to them, so aware of their connections. In the archive I discovered pages and pages of unfiltered, streams of consciousness and I fell for them. Beautiful and haunting recollections, teeming with insecurities. Similarities to contemporary women’s concerns wrapped up in time-specific imagery.

This was the objective investigation into subjectivity I was looking for. An area which was highly poetic and aesthetic. The book details the ways in which I have attempted to reclaim each of the dreamer’s subjectivity, by independently researching, analysing and aesthetically treating their dreams they and the other women who have helped reclaim their identities.


Pink Flowers infront of black and white photograph, crashing waves and a man silhouette
Cattleya Horace (2020)


Yellow flowers over black and white photograph on top of lake scene
Oncidium Varicosum (2020)


Flowers on top of black and white photo with mountain side in background
Phragmipedilum Sedenii (2020)


Yellow Flowers in front of black and white photo
Stanhopea Hernandezii (2020)