Ellalute Shamwana / Graphic Design BA(Hons)

As a designer, I enjoy working with a variety of medium to produce meaningful outcomes. I like to work with juxtapositions – contrasting bold colours and textures with clean layout design.

On 23rd October 1980, my grandfather, Edward Jack Shamwana, a prominent lawyer in Zambia, was detained upon accusations of a coup plot to overthrow Kenneth Kaunda’s Government. During his incarceration, he recorded experiences in journals. My aim for the project was telling this story using family artefacts. Reading through material – my grandmother’s letters, grandfather’s words, newspaper clippings, and interviewing my father and uncle’s – I produced a narrative, from Edward’s arrest in 1980, to death row, and his eventual release in 1990.

There are three outcomes to the project – a video, a book and framed prints – following the events that unfolded through four perspectives: Edward himself, his wife – Stella, his four sons, and the media.



Framed Prints of red, green and yellow text on black and white backgrounds


Red book bound with yellow thread with EJS symbol and depictions of the book open with red, green and yellow text as well as a picture of a man and a news article


Inside of Book with bold black background and white text, followed by picture of man being arrested, followed by red tone half and half photo of man