Hollie Mcelroy / Graphic Design BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Faith & Spirituality Team Wellbeing Prize

I am a conceptual designer that investigates environmental and societal issues to motivate positive change. Inspiring imagery keeps me in the studio designing collages, illustrations and taking photographs. Then, collating this work into refreshing publication, motion and other design outcomes allow my work to to tell a meaningful story. This process developed as my social conscience evolved, through engaging with important conversations, allowing myself to be aware of environmental and social concerns, which engrained in me a sense of responsibly.



Uncle Pete – Contains descriptions of violence and abuse


Illustrations of a tow different birds and a stag on a green background
Ennerdale Posters


Sparrowhawk Illustration in green, in front of leaves background


Whinchat Illustration and hillside illustration with text in front of leaves background