Kathryn Sullivan / Textiles Design BA (Hons)

My collection ‘Season of the Glitch’ is based on glitch art that I have created on Photoshop from images of scanned plastic materials. Giving these materials a new lease of life created bold and eye-catching results, which I have then interpreted into woven textiles. A glitch can be seen as a problem or fault in something from being successful. In a hyper connected digital world faults or glitches are more likely to happen. There is beauty and intrigue in these mishaps if you take a second to slow down and take time to appreciate the glitch.

I have a great interest in experimenting with various set ups and weave structures to form interesting and intricate fabrics as can be seen throughout my project. I enjoy working with bold colours that stand out, however I do also enjoy working with more muted tones and bringing them both together to work in harmony. I enjoy spending time drawing and creating collage pieces, but I am most drawn to creating work on photoshop and illustrator.

I completed a 3-month placement at Dobert Textil Group in Barcelona, working on creating handwoven samples from technical sheets, keeping to strict specifications and creating yarn packs ready to be sent out to a wide range of businesses. I learnt a range of skills for the industry from this placement and I am very eager to learn more.

Sketchbook pages


Graphic Glitch


Woven textiles draping