Sydney Heath / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)


My practice reflects upon the anxieties born from the mundane and everyday. It is driven by a chaotic urge to recreate the banality we experience in our daily lives. I want to celebrate the simple human need to undertake humdrum tasks and to own monotonous amounts of material things. However, it is also a critique of why we consider many of these tasks and objects to be necessary. We are aggressively told on a daily basis to consume products and complete tasks that in some way will better our lives and our beings.

Within my practice I have begun to create my own utopic version of this reality. I wish to highlight these normalised practices as oddities through familiar objects, overly exaggerated colour and shape which I hope will warp the viewers perception of domestic life.


Printed vibrant flat colours and bold shapes


Vibrant stitched fabric sculpture


Installation of vibrant images and sculpture
‘Utility Room’


Installation of vibrant images and sculpture
‘Utility Room’ (Detail)


Bold graphic interior scene
‘Washing Machine’