Antonia Maria Nicolaides / Photography BA(Hons)

‘Ode to the Photographer’

They say he was a gentle, affable and courteous man, he was always willing to carry out his demanding duties uncomplainingly. This is how the photographer’s colleagues would describe him.

Having never met the photographer was the trigger for me to fabricate memories that would soon haunt me. In the process, it’s easy to confuse which memories are real and which are made up. Nonetheless, they all scatter. Scattered memories that are like dreams. Scattered dreams that seem like real memories.

‘Ode to the Photographer’ is a project shot on medium format using monochrome film depicting made-up memories of my grandfather, the Photographer.


Black and white photograph of old camera and tripod in a field


Black and white photograph of figures in field


Black and white photograph of figure in field


Black and white photograph of step-ladder and coat


Old photograph of photographer on step-ladder with two other men