Jade Oliver / Fine Art Critical Practice BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Nagoya University of the Arts Prize (group nomination)


Constructing busy compositions, juxtaposing

them with stylised movement with documentary

footage to highlight contrasts between the

interior and exterior representation of spaces.


Referring to issues and conflicts present around me;

my work devises a view into a refracted memory.

This prevails in Awaiting eviction

as the photographs map a space

caught in an uncertainty,

yet holding a nostalgic narrative.


Symbols of society are used within my practice

to exemplify the physicality of spaces we inhabit,

with process’ of layering of imagery urges viewers to

reflect on the ephemerality of our experience.

This leads to thoughts of home,

scrutinising their fragility.


Working with actions occurring presently,

my work asks to explore the systematic

cycles of social cleansing that actualise

around us.These themes emerge in

‘Better Queensway’, which showcases a

narrative of pending erasure of a social housing

estate. The works aims to evoke an empathy

towards the demolition and loss of the home.