Henry Sleen / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

The collection ‘Tear Away’ was initially inspired by my becoming a Drag Queen, I wanted to create things that inspired me in Drag, as seen on Ru Pauls Drag Race.

The Queens wear garments that have, as they would say a “RU VEAL“ it’s when they wear a garment, that transforms into a ‘show stopping’ piece. I have used this idea of show stopping garments that ‘Ru Veal’ to create my own garments that can tear away into bolder garments. My idea is mixing the elements of Hard mod, Rockers and Teddy Boys, with the femininity of Drag and Ballet. It is the use of a Juxtaposition of models like Paul Weller and Pete Townshend in frilly gowns; something that isn’t meant to work but it just does! With inspiration coming from icons like Madonna and designers like Thierry Mugler.

I wanted to create this collection, because as a young designer and adult we don’t have many subcultures like we used to. My collection is to create something with the identity that we lost. I have used the mixture of suits and frilled gowns to slash the idea behind gender roles, it’s a new generation and we are all polyglamorous! I intend to make a 6-outfit menswear collection full of colour and ruffles


Fashion line up


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Fashion photographs