Gracie Blackman / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

My collection ‘Diaphanous Daze’ is made up of textured dresses and a coat that embodies a ghostly, youthful, romantic spirit. My muse was inspired by girls captured in the photography of Deborah Turbeville and Veronique Banquinho. Last year whilst in Canada, I found artist and sculptor Nicole Dextras, who exhibits dresses frozen in ice. Hanging from a cluster of frost-covered trees or encased within a block of ice; I was inspired by the shapes and colours in these photographs.


The collection stands out because of the various textile techniques used with diluted pastel fabrics. The clothing is all made through a developmental process which allows the garments to grow organically on the stand, or from various textile experiments. The dresses combine the delicate intricacy of the materials with a simple, flattering silhouette, which makes the clothes ‘effortlessly cool’. Paired with thigh high tassel boots and tousled hair, I wanted to create a collection for the effortlessly ‘thrown together’ girl.


Fashion Illustration


Photo montage of 3 photos of dresses


Collection Line Up