Joshua Bell / Digital Music and Sound Arts BA(Hons)

This piece is composed of a 47-minute, 18-track Album, Elephant In The Room, and a live set under the original title Post-Substantial Self Eliminatory Blues which was streamed from my bedroom in Brighton through YouTube. The official album release date is the 24th of June. With the world in turmoil because of Covid-19 all of us are left indoors in a state of introspection. The performance work started as an exploration into climate anxiety, combining a variety of influences and research I have carried out over the last few years. Tying in elements of my anarchy-based dissertation, the original intention was to create a live show exploring different elements of the Climate crisis. All the songs were produced through this reflective Covid-19 period creating an album with a focus covering a broader range of topics. Anxiety dominates the heart of the album: fear of yourself, the world and the current geo-political situation.