Georgia Rose / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

My degree collection is a celebration of the beautiful landscapes, elaborate temples, historic monuments and stunning tropical scenery I photographed during a trip around southern India. Whilst creating my designs and screen-printed fabric samples I worked closely with my travel photography to determine an emotive colour palette to evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia and to communicate romantic sunsets, exotic beaches and backwaters, and tropical natural forms.

My design process centres around mixing acid dye powders to dye a range of silk fabrics and creating unique recipes of acid dye pastes used to screen print my designs onto fabric. Drawing studies, designs and ideas are translated onto fabric by either; creating unique paper stencils to layer imagery, shapes and colours, exposing my designs onto silkscreens or painting directly onto screens with acid dyes, the colours blending and bleeding into each other like watercolour paints.

Screen printed silk fabric


Screen printed silk


Hand painted and stencilled silk fabric.



Hand painted silk textiles


Hand painted silk fabrics.