Maddie Denman / Fashion with Business BA(Hons)


Originally inspired by the dry-stone walls of Malta and Andy Goldsworthy’s ‘Storm King Wall’, ‘Thread’ explores the concepts of irregularity, juxtaposition and reconstruction. This collection investigates the manipulation of thread within garment construction exploring aspects of both practicality and aesthetics. Fraying raw edges reflect the raw materials used within dry-stone walls, where some stones are manufactured and some are naturally eroded creating diversity in shape and size. Freehand embroidery is used to explore the contrast between order and disorder, symmetry and irregularity. Ordnance Survey Map contour lines and symbols are represented through embroidery by trapping gold rat tail cord within a zig zag stitch. Andy Goldsworthy’s use of colour inspired the collection further by focusing one bright colour onto an otherwise monochrome colour palette. Gold on grey flannel was used to maintain this high impact statement while assuring a level of luxury.



Illustration of woman in suit, alongside is a close up photograph of a textile sample


illustration and photograph of woman in grey suit


illustration of woman wearing a jumpsuit, alongside is close up photograph of a textile sample


illustration of woman in grey jacket along with photograph of a close up of the actual garment


Photograph of the back view of model in suit