Milo Van Den Bogaerde / Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)

Illusion, perspective, convergence and view-points – these are the key themes of my final art piece. My piece’s artistic journey started merely with a metal screw placed in the centre of an A4 white sheet of paper. This inanimate object, with its rigid formation, inspired my engagement of metallic continuous viewpoints. I noticed that as I altered the screws placement in a clockwork fashion, it’s convergence similarly altered mirroring a compass formation. This then led me to look closely at various shapes and their meeting points, explored through the medium of screws. I started to convert these 2D designs in Photoshop, where I could manipulate their structure more freely, similarly altering their sizes and colours. After determining the most effective geometric design, I started to transform its dimensions into 3D which enabled me to consider how depth affects its perspective. What I learnt was, that depth creates the illusion of distance. I previously studied illusion through my research of Gestalt, where I developed my knowledge of perception. Gestalt is the process where two or more parts (e.g. a signpost and foreground) seem so integrated that we perceive them as one whole. My example of Gestalt, (a signpost and foreground) mirrors the formation of my final piece: a tripod secured to the ground, with connecting black steel wires which attach to an identical tripod. The wire attachments highlight the perspective of illusion as they converge at one horizon located in the corner of the studio’s gallery. The wires connection showcases the relationship between the twin tripod’s formation and its objective vanishing point. The tripod structure and its connecting wires are black whilst the studio interior would be white. This harsh contrast of colours would visually inspire opaque aesthetics, which would drive my audience’s attention to its black vanishing point. I wanted my final piece to maintain a naturalistic structure, highlighting monochromatic under-tones. This was done to highlight how my piece was architecturally inspired and geometrically fundamental, rather, its visual aesthetics were opaque, mirroring structures seen in the public realm. Overall, geometrical illusion has broadened my understanding of perspective. Put simply, we may be different, but our eyes can meet on the same horizon.

Simulation of a sculpture, triple layered V shape in black on a white background
Convergence E1


Photograph of a test of a sculpture. Triangles on a plinth connected to a wall with lines of wire.
Crit . Line Of Sight


Digital illustration of a sculpture. Two triangles on a post with lines stretching between in a white corner space.


Painting on a black background. Concentric circles of short lines, alternating green then red then green
RG Transform
Simulation of a black block with a concave indent inlaid with concentric circles of colour, green and red