Flora Nisbet / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

This collection is a conceptual luxury womenswear range, using unconventional materials in juxtaposition with luxury statement pieces. I wanted to test the boundaries of female oppression in society; what is perceived as indecent but should be seen as artistic expression and how society provokes psychological discomfort in women.

The aim of this collection is to promote female liberation and allow women to feel they can be expressive with how they present themselves, whether vulnerable or strong. Inspiration for this project is from the obscurity of the scene at Hermes’, ‘Let’s Play!’ launch party of disjointed limbs coming through the wall, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing, with playful use of colour and dynamic setup. By using garments to wrap, restrict and expose the female form, I wanted to liberate personal female scrutiny and make the wearer feel empowered.


Collection Photograph



Fashion Illustration Look 3


Corset Photograph


Collection Photographs


Final Collection Line Up