Mafalda Barreiros / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

“Down the Islands” was mainly inspired by my travels through South America and the Caribbean, more specifically Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil and Argentina. I was particularly interested in the Carnival extravaganza contrasted with simple activities, such as fishing, as some of the main activities and source of income in their communities. The collection has a sportswear approach with a luxury feel and aims to amplify intricate details and fuse them with the simplest shapes.

My collection explores a modern approach on bead work, using techniques such as off loom bead weaving, netting and brick stitch beading using a variety of beads to create full looks instead of small decorations, giving the pieces a luxury and handmade feel. The collection features mostly black, gunmetal and anchor grey alongside pistachio green and fossil white.


Photograph of model wearing beaded dress alongside inspirational imagery


Collection line up


Photograph of model in beaded outfit alongside beaded samples


Experimental textile work on stand


Beaded sample