Ella Miele / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)



The aim of my collection is to create designs with longevity, designed not to fit any trend nor season-based confinements. It draws on the blurring of the seasons in fashion and also concerning the natural seasons becoming less defined.

As a designer, I want my designs to exuberate artisanal qualities. Utilising my skills in hand painting with wet mediums including watercolour and gouache, I have been working with paper designs and translating these into a predominately digital collection. The development of this collection explored in depth experimentation using hand painting directly onto screens in the print room using acid dyes.

This collection has been designed for the Accessible Luxury womenswear market, with hand-painted designs translated onto silks and cottons for every-day wear.


H&M – Print Design Assistant Intern
Arcadia Industrial Placement (Wallis) – Design Assistant
Tahlullah (Fusion CPH London) – Print Studio Intern

Painted Textiles Florals


Bright Anemone Print

Painterly Floral Textiles


Floral Fabrics


Fashion Illustrations