Kristyna Toms / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

An exploration of the Czechoslovak culture when it was under the Communist regime in the 1970s – that is what the collection Eastern Bloc depicts. 1970s was a monotone period in the country, in old photography grey eroding stone walls can be seen juxtaposing with the bright, uniform colour palette in people’s fashion. Beige, green, brown, blue and red are the colours of my collection, a womenswear collection which focuses on combining the best of my technical and construction skills, interesting fabrications and

Sourcing inspiration from authentic Czechoslovak fashion magazines, I have designed a tailoring based collection where the key features include modularity, functionality and structure with elements such as pockets having been exaggerated in its amount and proportion.
Attention to detail and styling of my personal approach resulted in a collection which reflects both the beautiful and the ugly of totalitarianism.

City photograph

Fashion illustration

Drape photography and fashion illustration

Fashion illustration

Fashion photography