Ella Durkan / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

‘Are We There Yet?’

My graduate collection explores the theme of travel, holidays and adventure through a range of unisex, spring/summer textile print designs.

The collection’s main inspiration comes from the artistry and graphic qualities of retro holiday, travel posters and magazine covers, using illustrative scenes and bright colours to portray an idea of luxurious, nostalgic and paradisal getaways.

‘Are We There Yet?’ includes digital and screen-printed designs on cotton fabrics, as well as a combination of stencilling and linear screen designs, which adds texture and colour, representative of my design interests and style, and gives the collection its bespoke and contemporary ‘wearable art’ feel. Additionally, I have created complimentary prints through weaving, using fabric offcuts from my collection, adding an element of sustainability to my collection, as this is something I hope to explore further as a designer.

Industry Experience:

Sophie Darling, Brighton

Tahlullah Studios, Brighton

Unique Style Platform, London

Paul Smith, London


Three printed textile samples


Three printed textile samples


Fashion illustration of collection line up


Three printed textile samples