Katie Harrison / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Winner: Sustainable Fashion Digital Micro Internship Prize

‘Controlled Chaos through the Textures of Hong Kong’

This project has drawn inspiration from recent visits to Hong Kong. The collection considers the diverse textures of Hong Kong beyond fashion, drawing on three main aspects; architecture, the current political protests and the problems facing the environment in the bustling city. These elements combine to inform a collection of innovative luxury woven fabrics for Spring Summer 2021.

The collection focuses on the contrasting order and chaotic nature of Hong Kong by using a combination of natural and synthetic fibres to mimic the conflicting textures of the city. The hand woven fabrics explore monofilament, found plastics and cotton blocks creating little pouches, floats, and a layered translucent effect. Woven fabrics were developed from primary research of the cities tower blocks, considering their multitude, grid-like structure, height and scale, lattice network and contrasts between blocks.

Design Interests:
Drawing and Illustration
Trend Forecasting
Woven Textiles
Fashion Buying

Industry Experience:
Dobert Textil Group – Barcelona
Burberry – London
PVH Corp. – Hong Kong
Malhia Kent – Paris
Dash & Miller – Bristol


Woven Textile Sample

Woven Textile Samples

Fashion Illustration

Woven Textile Sample

Woven Textile Sample