Annabel Wearing / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

As a designer I utilise a range of stylistic techniques, drawing inspiration from natural patterns, landscapes and textures. My final collection ‘Textile Toxicity’ focuses on the environmental, ethical and sustainability issues of the textile industry; considering the detrimental impacts fast fashion has in encouraging textile waste, human exploitation and hazardous chemicals.

The expression of these complex issues is explored visually and presented through a range of practices and mediums, utilising print and adapting styles to convey intent. The versatility of prints portrays different facets of textile toxicity, using aesthetic design to depict current issues whilst remaining suitable for modern fashion markets.

‘Textile Toxicity’ is a visualised response to the increasing socio-political consciousness that is reshaping perspectives on fashion, demanding brands to change their methodology and adopt sustainable practices.

Design Interests:
Digital Illustration
Graphic Design
Textural Prints
Print and Placement Design

Industry Experience:
Timorous Beasties, Glasgow
Tom Cody, London

Fabric Screen Prints



Fashion print illustrations


Patchwork digital design


Digital prints


Fabric prints