Ciara Crowley / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

Capturing the soul behind someone’s eyes when they are completely lost in their own world is something i feel we all try to understand but yet we can barely grasp it when experiencing this ourselves. Capturing both the people experiencing this state as well as what may be going on inside their head, and the distorted view through the eye of the mind, especially whilst intoxicated. As well as this, experiences with mental health have been my main focuses. The blurry visual effects and intensified colours are inspiration for my colour palette. The contemporary human experience with its balance of awareness and repression of mental illness and understanding provides context for this work as it brings light to the people who would otherwise be overlooked by society as well as the psychedelic view through the minds eye.


abstract face
Can I Buy You a Drink (2020)



fragmented face four pieces
Stay Still



two figures sitting reclined
Party in Your Pants (2020)



Madam (2020)



Red abstract
Behind Closed Eyes (2020)