Clarissa Caslake / Design for Digital Media BA(Hons)


My motivation for creating work is to bring more life to the world around me, producing art helps me in this goal as well as enabling me to relax and to de-stress. I enjoy bringing ideas of both my own, and of others, to life.

An issue that is very close to my heart is freedom of expression. There are too many people who have their voices crushed by our society and helping them to raise them is particularly important to me. Bringing other’s ideas to life enables me to follow this matter and help others speak out creatively.

I would like the viewer to enjoy my work but more importantly, regarding my user interface designs, understand what my work means and how it works to bring a cohesive and functional experience to them. Exploring various subjects through illustration and photography I have come to find different points that the viewer picks up on, and enjoys the most, this is a vital part of UI/UX design, being able to ensure you draw their eye to the most important parts and create a smooth encounter for them.


Clarissa Caslake – Bloom


Clarissa Caslake – Citrus


Clarissa Caslake – Hana Song


Clarissa Caslake – Travel App Concept


Clarissa Caslake – Staged Studio Web Design