Grace Nagel / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

The body is never fixed. Always moving, it shifts, transcends, ages and drifts within the rituals and routines of the day to day. To be conscious of the body is to be aware of its movements, its limitations and sensations. The body is a site for knowledge, an agent in muscle memory, it reveals as much as it covers.

My practice explores gestural and tangible realities, capturing fleeting moments in their subtle quietude. The works are personal; translations of my body’s own internal landscapes, yearning for understanding of memory, time, place and movement. These objectives expand provisionally through a variety of mediums such as clay, inks, charcoal, paint and found objects.


Charcoal drawing of sofa
‘My side of the Sofa.’ 50 x 70 cm, Charcoal on Paper


Red wash acrylic painting
‘Shed Studies.’ (Diptych) A5. Acrylic on paper.


Hessian, muslin, gauze and acrylic on canvas.
‘Unquiet Place.’ 89 x 120 cm. Hessian, muslin, gauze and acrylic on canvas.


seat draped with cloth and light behind it
‘Take a Seat.’ Sculpture. Mixed Media.


abstract hessian
Eye of the Storm Hessian, Scrim, Oil, PVA 40 x 40cm