Yichen Shi / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

My works explore the language of sunflowers to represent the progress of life and its cyclical nature. I wish show my understanding of life and personal experience by using flowers in my paintings more particularly using sunflowers. To me, lives of humans are so much like those of sunflowers. A sunflowers head follows and turns to the sun. Their flowers heads very much symbolise the sun, conveying warmth and adoration. One sense of what I was trying to achieve in my paintings is, what does my life say about painting? What do my works say about my life? The objects in my paintings vibrate colour and personality, seeming to socialise on the canvas. I intend to use paint to explain, explore and present themes and concepts related to life. Just like life itself, these works are both simple and complex. They capture many forms, shapes, size, materials, patterns, and connections and they all potentially reflect what life means to each of us.


Painting of sunflowers on yellow background
Every Sadness is a Sunflower 2020


Painting of various sunflowers on blue background
Lost in Happiness 2020


Painting of sunflowers on a cream background
Kaleidoscope 2020


floral painting
It’s not the true beauty 2020


Dense painting of red flowers in yellow green follage
I can see, I can’t see (2020)