Sophie Russell / Design for Digital Media BA(Hons)

Self-published YA Fantasy author Sophie Ann Russell began studying a BA in Illustration for Screen Arts/Design for Digital Media at the University of Brighton as a means to spread her wings further within the fields of illustration and animation – both of which have been her passion alongside her writing, since the idea for her book series The Story of Jason Griffin originally came alive. Her love for unique stories with a bizarre twist has fuelled her imagination and excitement since her early childhood. Animation being her favourite medium of storytelling, she intends to fulfil her life-long ambition of sharing her own unique stories, beginning with her first illustrated novel which is currently being sold online through Shopify under her publishing imprint Turtle Rabbit Books. She takes inspiration from Walt Disney, Studio Ghibli, J.K. Rowling and Beatrix Potter. Alongside this, she is a well-accomplished video and sound editor.




Watercolour of boy jumping from pontoon
Jason Jumping Off Pontoon


A boy walking in front of Edinburgh castle
Jason and Edinburgh Castle


Watercolour of Calton Hill
Griffin on Calton Hill