Alice Giraudi / Digital Film BA(Hons)

Gardner on meadow hillside in the mist


“Il Giardino” is a short documentary which offers a glimpse into the journey Maria Zingarelli experienced in order to open her vegetarian, circular kitchen restaurant, also named “Il Giardino.” Maria’s restaurant implements sustainable, zero-waste practices with the food she serves, while exclusively supporting sustainable food suppliers.

Maria’s journey in resisting mainstream restaurant conventions was also made all the more difficult simply due to the fact that she is a woman. “Il Giardino” depicts how Maria is going against the current by changing the way femininity is viewed in Italy.

This documentary has become more pertinent to our time because it was filmed in November 2019, a few months before the Covid 19 outbreak and our lives turned upside down. The shift to sustainability, locality, helping each other make the world a better place has never been as necessary as it is now.



Man standing in a polytunnel


plate of food being put down on table


Lady in black hat being interviewed at market


Dish of pink and yellow food on floral fabric