Peter John / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

In our detached relationship with nature in the modern world, I’m interested in the places we escape to from our built environments. I retrace my steps through formerly crowded spaces, and now find them empty. My paintings reflect this absence of humanity. The work combines half-remembered and imagined places with my immediate surroundings, as I explore themes of travel and the desire for escape. Using daily excursions as a source for my work, I aim to capture fleeting moments of wonderment within the seemingly every-day. I’m interested in the notion of looking in and looking out; both witnessing a train flash by and being the passenger having the world rush past. In an attempt to join the dots between the fragmented observations, any sense of narrative is ultimately left open for interpretation.



Swimming pool
Night Swim



On the edge of the woods



The Gardener



The place where I belong



Field with trees
There’s an empty field along the road