Beth Moxham / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

My practice focuses on notions of memory and temporarility. I like to re-create fragments of stories from both my own observations, and from my family history, something that I have watched play out in traits and inherited trauma through myself and my family members.

I look to both sides of my family, focusing in on the stories of my Great Grandparents, one side being Welsh farmers and beekepers, and the other being Jewish refugees, and survivors of the Holocaust. I often take their stories, and attempt to retell fragments of them through my eyes, through my own photographic imagery and careful choice of materials. I work paticularly in analogue media, apposing acetate film and alternative photography against digital technology which takes my work from past to present. Through the transformation of forgotten imagery I uncover the more visceral elements that come with these stories.

Timelessness is etched into my imagery, which is juxtaposed with the way I veil and layer certain materials, to protect the more personal elements of the stories. In creating large scale work. and juxtaposing this against hand printed books and letters, I allow different threads of the story to be retold. I am interested in the visceral against sensitively, scaled down work, which encloses text and imagery and withholds a narrative.


print entitled Landschaft 2
Landschaft 2 (2020)


Der himmel an ode to the Austrian mountains (2020)


print entitled 'darkless'
Darkless (2020)


print entitled what remains
What Remains (2020)


print entitled sophie
Sophie (2020)