Jodie Whitchurch / Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Richard Seager Bursary Award

My work investigates loss, distance and intimacy. This exploration often features a story-telling poetic narrative and theatrical film performance within a domestic space. On screen, we are introduced to Mavis, a femme fatale trapped in the role of a housewife. She appears from her theatre-set reality playing the harmonica. She wears smudged blue lipstick, her hands and feet donned with marigold gloves. With the tragically waltzing sound of the harmonica, she begins to represent what it means to dysfunction; to sing out of tune, to be in the wrong time. In a scene of false appliances, marigold gloves are prepared for dinner and a concert is performed in a washing machine; the film loops and Mavis spins. It becomes a bizarre tribute, illuminated under a golden light. A soft sculpture sits on top of the fridge, the audience stare into the blank screen. Despondently, once again, Mavis begins to play.



animated gif of rubber gloved hands
A painterly illustration of a bright colourful scene of a domestic kitchen setting. An installation.
Mavis, Marigolds and A Story of Loss (Despondently, She Begins to Play)


Painterly illustration of a chaotic brightly coloured kitchen scene.
Mavis, Marigolds and A Story of Loss (Despondently, She Begins to Play)