Emma Hof Kenntoft / Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)

My art centres around embodying feelings of discomfort and disgust.
As the performer, I become the monsters I am afraid of, or the sufferer I am afraid to show.
I play with interior and exterior to conjure feelings of grief, loss and death, which take shape in different ways, such as repulsive body shapes, the grotesque, the macabre, the uncomfortable and the outcast.
I try to evoke feelings of sensitivity, the small and the broken: seeking ways of healing through herbs, smells, comfort, touch and sound.
I make figurative sculptural objects in a range of different materials, through the mediums of performance, photography, installation, video and drawing.
Drawing also helps me to inform my sculptural practice, using it as a way of figuring out and expressing my emotions -portraying creatures, images and places from my dreams.
I see art as a stage where new stories are ever being told.

Human figure bent over covered in purple with a textured purple face with blood red fibres coming from the neck and parts of the body
Grief Monster


Three human figures covered in purple with textured purple faces, arms to the sides, arms above head, ripping and pulling at bloody red yarn
Grief Monsters, Anger


Three crouched figures covered in purple fabric stitched together with blood red yard asking who is talking about me.
Grief Monsters, They Are Talking About Me


A photograph of a skeletal desolate shack on a rock in the edge of an expanse of calm water in the background.
Safe Zone (2)


A photograph of a skeletal desolate shack on a small rock in the middle of an expanse of calm water.
Safe Zone