Jasmine Wood / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

I am both the observer and the observed, in the position of the in-between, neither from here nor there, leaving me some-what passive in two cultures. Having a British and Japanese heritage, I occupy a liminal space of an identity that is simultaneously known and unknown. Growing up in Western culture, I have this urge to explore the Oriental part of me, the half that is unveiled by my British side. The juxtaposition of my versatile styles perhaps points to my cultural identity, where both my painting and I, refuse to conform to a single category. The fine line between cute and sex appeal, particularly prominent in Japanese culture, is challenged in my painting, expressing the ambivalence between interest and shame. Characters from Japan’s “kawaii culture” such as Hello Kitty and the Japanese schoolgirl, have come to represent my alter-ego, addressing my exotic vulnerability in the Western and male gazes.


Painting of a female profile and watermelon


Painting of faceless female figures, one wears a bow
Wrapped Up


Painting of female in latex on a red sofa


Abstract forms with Hello Kitty imagery
Hello Kitty


Painting of faceless Japanese school girls