Jake Pitman / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

My whole life I have looked to my Nana as a source of inspiration, who has provided me with a wealth of knowledge. Nana combines both glamour and opulence with minimal effort which is something that I have always admired; from her lavish crystal earrings, all the way down to her immaculately painted nails, finished off with her array of family diamonds adorning her hands. For as long as I can remember, Nana has always hung heavy brocade curtains around her homes and when she decided to downsize and abandon them, I could not let them go to waste. It was my goal to upcycle, and turn these curtains into wearable art. I hand dyed the sun faded curtains to a luxurious and vibrant pink/red, inspired by the colour palette within my research, giving them a new lease of life! I proceeded to pattern cut the newly dyed curtains into garments Inspired by 1950s feminine silhouettes with traditional menswear tailoring, to create a juxtaposing femme/masc aesthetic. Overall, this menswear collection combines luxurious glamour, tailoring, vibrant colours, unique silhouette and is an ode to my inspirational muse, my Nana.


Fashion photograph


Fashion line up


Fashion photographs


Fabric samples and fashion photographs


Fashion photograph