Imogen Gray / 3D Design and Craft BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Faith & Spirituality Team Wellbeing Prize
Nominated for: Anna Maria Desogus Memorial Prize

‘A Lust for Leather’

A staggering 800,000 tons of leather end up in landfill annually, this leather is unusable due to its shape, size or markings. However, this leather has gone through a lengthy, unsustainable process starting at the farming of the animal all the way through to the finishing of the material. To not add a further problem of sustainability I felt driven to not let any scraps of leather from local business go to waste, and in doing so convert them in to new larger sheet of material.

Brazil is one of the biggest producers of leather. As the ranches multiplied, they encroached more into the Amazon, causing deforestation to the rainforest. It’s affects can be seen from space. My work explores the relationship leather has in a place like the Amazon. This comes with detrimental effects to the biodiversity of plants and animals, along with indigenous tribes. Each piece of work explores the inter crossing relationship between Rancher, Tribe members and the Cow.


"800,000 tons of leather is sent to landfill each year" quote on leather composite materials samples
Composite Leather (2020)


Cowboy Boot made from recycled leather material composite.
Amazon Cowboy (2020)


Illustrative diagram showing the outcome of cattle farms.
Map (2020)


Illustrations on top of material samples.
Material (2020)


Imogen Gray Creative Enquiry Front Cover
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