Christabel Khera Beddoes / Moving Image BA(Hons)

Behind Doors (video installation) explores transitional events through the liminality of the doors in my house; the artwork responds to a conversation with my mother. The piece investigates the changes each door has undergone, sharing anecdotal histories, which speak of memories and actions over time. Observing tiny forensic evidence, paint scratches, light traces and historical fixtures of the Victorian building; All performative incidents, which show time, movement and transition.

Projected through the front doorway onto a fabric skin, viewers are transported through the veins and arteries of the building, doors acting as valves as one circulates in a continuous cycle. Visible from both inside and outside the building simultaneously, the image inhabits the boundary between the two.

Cabin fever has fuelled my obsessive scrutiny of trivial details within my interior environment, finding meaning in the mundane, magnifying that which is usually ignored and rendering the insignificant monumental.




photo montage of 3 parts of doors


street view at night
Behind Doors (2020) #2


3 illustrated doors