Emily Diamond / Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Faith & Spirituality Team Wellbeing Prize



Slow down, breath deep and connect.

Activate, look closer and think bigger.

We need to start connecting with our breath and bonding with the providers. Trees.




Noble persons, skins ornate with time.

Tunneled through liberality and

Gnarled with scripture carved by ageless sanity.

The venerable Earth beings.

Their leaves wave at us like flags:

Psithurism, a song for self-awakening.

The primordial forest draping with elegance, sculpted by the mother.

Conductors and mentors stand rooted, providing life.

Wildwoods are not modestly ornamental,

They are sacred and vital.

A workshop, dotted with sitting puppets,

Comrades or haunters of the woods, all children of the mother.

Crooked and awake, accidental give and take.

Rooted, tranquil, alive, providing everlasting nourishment.



Latex sculpture
The Final Curtain


Latex sculpture
Lazy Susans Yūgen


Latex sculpture
Knotted Whispers


Latex sculptures
Etchings of Entity


Latex sculptures
Acropolis of the Glade