Ellamae Preston / Fine Art Critical Practice BA(Hons)

My practice inquires the intersection of two or more forms. Materialising this imbrication through written, audio or digital matter, formed by the notion of the ‘venn’. Currently, my work aims to unite the interface between virtual and organic, although throughout time, I have persistently questioned language’s relationship to object, being particularly attracted to non-chronology within the grammatical realm. Non-linear syntax.

This curious evolution of collaboration and language existing throughout my work and the relevance of interconnectedness, did not enter into the realm of my realisation until third year, when I united theses integral subjects, materials and matter(s).

With the virtual so currently prevalent, post-pandemic, post-net and the re-integration of social/ physical-norms are areas I wish to explore concluding University, primarily utilising automated-archive.net.


Windows 98 Desktop gif


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Digital archive


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computer generated image