Daisy Cliffe / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

‘Kaleidoscope’ is a Spring/Summer womenswear collection inspired by the changing shapes, colours and symmetry within a kaleidoscope. It led me to create paper snowflakes that follow the symmetrical fractured design that Kaleidoscopes have. These snowflakes informed the draping and development of my 3D stand work and how I have approached designing my collection. I translated this idea by laser cutting fabric with the symmetrical shapes taken from artworks by Karla Knight and my own symmetrical paper snowflakes. I combined these laser cut textiles with silhouettes inspired by 60’s Kaftans, particularly those designed by Zandra Rhodes.

Experimenting with my laser cut samples inspired me to create masks influenced by the work of Nick Cave and Anai Greog. Like a Kaleidoscope. I wanted this collection to be abstract yet classic, with most of the body being covered in brightly coloured symmetrically cut pieces that have a playful edge.


Pink Cutwork Pattern


Pink Cutwork Dress Illustration


Fashion Illustrations



Line Up


Fashion Illustration