Conor Statton / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

I am deeply concerned with society‚Äôs relationship to myth and how post-Enlightenment thought predicates itself solely on rationality. Exploring inspiration as one of the last socially permissible links to the ‘supernatural’. The works themselves are the direct result of a playful interaction between myself and paint, emerging from a state of participation mystique. I begin with my hands sculpting a textured surface. I then work intuitively with colour, fostering the hypnogogic forms as they evolve. I then cause disruptions fracturing the picture plane, through interventions such as rotating, masking and wiping. As the process repeats, the paintings begin to set their own tone, slowly reaching a state of compositional harmony. The final object becomes an amalgamation of all previous layers, an iconographic representation of a complex web of integrated non-linear relationships. They are magical objects, material bridges to the unconscious with the aim of evoking a super sensible, animistic reality.






Abstract house
Home Sweet Home



The Augur






First Light