Ben Barrow Portanier / Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

Throughout painting these five pieces I became more conscious in observing a truth in that the face can be portrayed to capture more than something merely representative of a derived physical subject, consequently growing in this realization for the importance within the subject of portraiture. For my perception of the potential for skilled communication is timeless. When fluency occurs here in my exhibited portraits I feel the traditional discipline for what it will always be, a methodological language that evokes that present moment. Whilst relaxing into my painting a still observation from within occurs as I persevere without expectation and look but without looking for anything in particular. This prevails when I do not just paint what I already knew. For me this results in achieving a blend of colour and recognizability. My five exhibits here are loose but strong including an overall stillness that is encompassing of life within.


A State Of Non Judgemental Attention



Girl portrait



Artist portrait
Overcoming The Ego



Self portrait
Self Portrait



The Light Shines In The Darkness