Astha Acharyya / UBIC Foundation (Fashion Design with Business Studies)

This collection is inspired by my love for 90s as an era as well as the prevalence of the classic TV show FRIENDS, popular during that time.

The women of the show heavily inspired and portayed the style of the time, and my idea was to make designs inspired by those styles. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe had such distinct styles which set them apart and I wanted to portray just that through my collection, “Central Perk ’94”.

This collection is ready to wear for Spring/Summer and consists of key styles which embodies each of the female characters. The garments constructed are mostly sustainable and I focused on up-cycling clothes I already have in my home.


fashion line up
Astha Acharyya – final line-up


fashion shoot of a model in floral dress
Astha Acharyya – Monica’s look


fashion shoot
Astha Acharyya – Phoebe’s look


fashion shoot
Astha Acharyya – Rachel’s look